What's on your equine reading list?

 The Literary Horse

Are horses in your literary library? Horse stories reach far beyond childhood classics like Black Beauty, National Velvet, and Misty of Chincoteague. Literary greats like John Steinbeck, Beryl Markham, and Jane Smiley added to the equine literary canon, but newer writers like Rupert Isaacson, Anna Blake, Susan Richards and Molly Gloss are blazing the equine literary trail, too!

Coming in 2020!

Horsetography Returns!

What's your horse's story? Protector? The Bossy One?

Playful? The Courageous One? Or the Spirit One?


Discover your horse's power and majesty, authenticity and intuition through memoir, poetry, and fiction. Isn't it time to tell your horse's story, strengthen your relationship, and preserve your memories long into the future!

Coming in 2020!

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