Selected Portfolio of My Work

In feature subjects I pursue, I am attracted to the unexpected or untold story. What is the daily life of an equine surgeon like? What happens to draft horses too old or too injured to work? And, how far will a horse owner go to solve the puzzle of her beloved companion's threatening and mysterious health condition? Read a selection of my work below and sign-up for EQUI-LIBRIS UPDATES for publication announcements and information about upcoming equine literature classes.

Buffalo Soldiers: Little Known Horsemen of History

Buffalo Soldiers came before Bob Marley. Learn New Mexico's tale.

In Santa Fe, horses play central role in more than westerns.  

Herd-Centered Nirvanna
Saves Draft Horses

Rescue, rehabilitation, retraining, rehoming Gentle Giants in need. 

An Allergy Odyssey

Headshaking or allergies? Join the odyssey to equine wellness.

Saddling Up for Job to Promote Literacy

Librarians saddle up for more than a job during the Great Depression.

A Different Breed of Healing

Explore the daily life of an accomplished equine surgeon.

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